Embodiment of Scholarship:

In Spring 2018, Zeta Tau Alpha earned a 3.602 GPA, The HIGHEST GPA in all FSL!
68% of members earned Dean's list in Spring 2018.
15 members have earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Academic Programs

We foster the growth and achievement of our members' scholarships through weekly study tables in a reserved classroom, encouragement from other sisters on our social media's ZTA+, and the passing of a Skippy Jar in order to recognize sisters for attending all their classes. Incentives such as gift cards and other fun gifts are also used to encourage sisters to continuously strive for self-improvement. For sisters who may need additional assistance with a course, our Academic Chair personally works with each member to connect her with an experienced Zeta "Study Buddy," or with other campus resources.

Academic Recognition

In Zeta Tau Alpha, we strive to celebrate our members' achievements, holding an Academic Banquet each spring. Families are invited to celebrate their own child's academic success, and sisters are awarded with fun awards, such as highest Big/Little GPA, Most Improved, and Highest GPA.

At the 2018 Zeta Tau Alpha Convention, the Delta Delta Chapter was awarded the Academic Achievement award!

Experiential Learning

Learning does not solely come from the pages of a textbook or the realms of a classroom. Recognizing this, many sisters have reached out into the Cleveland community in order to find internships and other kinds of experiential learning in order to further their marketability and experience. Some examples of current experiential learning efforts include:

Ronald McDonald House
Flying Horse Farms: A Camp for Children with Serious Illnesses
OhioGuidestone/Stepstone Academy
Speech Pathology Clinics
Student Teaching


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